Love this place. I have been a member for over 8 years and Laura is the reason.

She builds a community !

If you want commitment and dedication come here.

Free Trial Class
We offer a free trial class.  This will give you a chance to see what we do and if this is what you're looking for.

Laura is a force. No over the top smiley welcomes, just a commanding demeanor with powerful direction and a couple laughs. I knew this place would be great for me, I just didn't realize how great.

I'm stronger, happier, and really look forward to punching a bag 3-4 times a week. The studio has been an incredible asset to my mental and physical health. Plus, I've made some friends along the way.

Women's Fitness Kickboxing
Our ladies only fitness kickboxing classes incorporate a variety of kickboxing techniques using heavy bags focus mitts, as well as body weight and light dumbbell exercises.

Muscle and Fitness magazine rates fitness kickboxing as the number one fat burner with over 800 calories burned per hour. Nothing else comes close. It is a great way to burn fat, tone your muscles, and relieve some stress in a supportive environment.


​​It has helped me; understand my body, improve my cardio, muscle endurance, kickboxing skills and techniques, and has gotten me mentally tougher. Many skills I have learned from the men's fitness kickboxing class, have helped me in everyday life.

Men's Fitness Kickboxing
You don’t have to be an ultimate fighter to get in shape training like one!

This program uses the same training techniques as a regular MMA striking workout but without contact.

​Great shape without the black eyes.


​​When I first joined, I felt this is way out of my league, but because of Laura an outstanding instructor she is so amazingly patient I began to get the rhythm of kick boxing (only a beginner will know what I am talking about). In summer last year I climbed the tallest mountain and I can attribute my success to the training & endurance skills I received at kick boxing class. Its been almost a year since I joined I am hoping I will continue till I am 80 :)
Thank you Laura. You are the best.